About Intellect and Misinformation


INTELLECT, Misinformation and stubbornness


What is Intellect, and why does it matter when spreading an idea? Well, think about the last time you tried to sell an idea to a person that didn't seem to listen, or replied to your arguments irrationally or off topic.

Intellect is the faculty of reasoning and understanding objectively, especially with regard to abstract matters, It allows us to reason.

First, to be of 'lower intellect' is not necessarily a 'bad' thing, It is simply how some people are made.
Those with a lesser Intellect often possess great virtues, virtues that could be applied for the common good, if placed under the guidance of a virtuous, higher one.
Obviously, the person (or persons) lending their intellect to guide others, need to have the wellbeing of ALL in mind, like I mentioned, they must be virtuous.

The armies of the world are proof of this concept, except:
So far, in our history, the superior intellect usually abuses the inferior one via misinformation (lies) purposeful deceit and intentional misguidance. The former makes the latter believe that intended action is for the greater good, in order to fulfill a personal agenda, and the latter, unquestionably, believes the former.

Second, intellect is relative. 
It is relatively easy for a higher intellect to communicate, and to understand the needs, and positions of a lower one.
The other way around is impossible.

How often have I had to leave an argument about world politics, racism, religion, socio economics or the war on terror, recognising the futility therein. How often have stubbornness and Ego prevented a mutual understanding and otherwise possible consensus on a subject. Doesn't it drive you mad when an opponent in a debate doesn't get your point of view, even negates facts without counter argument? That's like someone telling you the sky is deep green, (when it's actually blue). Ok, in quantum mechanics this would be another debate entirely, but we're in the real, actual world. Here the sky is blue (on a nice day)

It is easy to find followers for a cause, on a website or on social media, if they share your viewpoint to start with. No debate is necessary in those cases. However, when our opponent's viewpoint differs from our own and is based on obvious misinformation, (possibly in combination with strong adverse emotions, a lower IQ or intellect and stubbornness) then things look a little different. Such people are the real challenge ahead. Furthermore, some people have never learned to form their own opinions, in which case they fall victim to prejudice, self idolisation, false patriotism, media hype and lobbyism. The result is broadband doctrine. George Orwell's '1984' comes to mind.

I am trying to learn to relate to such people, as I would like to help them see things clearly. However, we all know, there will always be people that can not be reasoned with. When I recognise such people, I am training myself to walk away, for now. Remember, an insult is only effective if the insulted takes it personally, curse words and name calling only insults the intelligence of the one doing the name calling/cursing. If you know that you are a good person, that you are communicating rationally, and that your position is sound, no insult can have an effect on you. Still, not feeling insulted alone will not bring across our point.

If we cannot relate to an opponent in a debate, it is usually our own fault, we haven't laid out our argument in terms which our opponent may comprehend. It feels like we spoke in a strange language. So we must change the tone and find other viewpoints. Explain a sunset to a blind person, or Mozart to a deaf one, it isn't impossible, just a really intellectually challenging.


Never argue with stupid people , they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience . - Mark Twain -

I beg to differ. We shall try to descend down to that other person's level, meet her there and show her the way up. The challenge therein lies in getting that person to have a peek out the window and let her see that it is a basement window and that the sun shines above.


This page in a work in progress. Your feedback, input and collaboration is appreciated. Please stay rational and fact based.

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