What you can do to change things

We have to understand, that if we don't start to change now, when will we, and who are we expecting to do it for us?

Start boycotting those corporations who wreak the most havoc, and those that have become 'too large to fail... Take your business to the local store that sells preferably local products with little CO2 print. (transportation)

Don't drink 'Coca Cola, don't eat processed food, buy from local sources as much as possible. Teach your kids the fun of finding 'good products'. Learn, and teach your kids to live more sustainably, and without prejudice toward others. Teach them that violence never is an option, solutions are only found in debate and or mediation. Do not judge others by their believes. Lay off the racism. Improve your language skills. Curse words only insult the person using them.
Inform yourself how a product was made, buy products that are produced and marketed ethically, sustainably and transparently.
You can find a list of corporations, services and products with a description of behaviour and applied policies here.
You should of course, at some point, begin your own research, and help us with our list of companies, services and products to mind or support.

Don't make this the only thing that matters in your live. Live your life as you have before, but gradually begin changing yourself. Adjust the way you think and make every day decisions, and learn to adjust your habits as you feel appropriate.

The change has to feel right for you, you have to feel comfortable, or else you will eventually abandon it. Talk to your family and friends first, then colleagues at work, the clerk at your local convenience store, your dentist, even your local cop, or soldiers returning from a tour.

I think, first we need to recognise that we all must change the way we behave and think. We must rid ourself of old dogmas and doctrines.

We should stop complaining about our corrupt politicians,
We know what they are like and we elect them.
And about the scrupulous businessmen and corporations
We know what they want and we give it to them.

When our politicians wage war
And do other unthinkable things
To us and to other nations peoples
It is because we let them.
And when our corporations
Poison our world, destroy our genepool
And sell us unsavory products
It is because we allow them to do so

By buying their 'shit'.

Let me start by clarifying what the real problems are, maybe you can see the relevance as it pertains to your everyday life as we go. Reducing your consumption habits to what you actually enjoy or need, rather than what powerful marketing and advertising make you want.



  • Industrial wood products are highly poisonous. Try and buy used wood articles, untreated wood. Personally, I have fun making my own furniture.
    Further explained, Industrial wood products are highly poisonous. The energy it takes to manufacture such products is enormous. Often the wood originates from far away, and is harvested under inhumane conditions, furthermore, resulting in the destruction of fragile ecosystems and the endangerment of entire species. After all that is done, the poisons used to cure the wood is often devastating to the local environment in the third world countries they originate from. Yes, we have labels that tell us the market is clean, the forestry management is responsible and accountable etc, but more often than not, none of that is the case. Local authorities and population don’t understand the complexities.
    Making industrial wood products is a highly toxic operation. It is also harmful due to wasteful, profit oriented forest management (forests absorb CO2 from the air, sustainable forest management goes toward increasing forest area as well as keeping existing forests healthy)

  • Electronics production is very toxic, even if the processes happen in Asia, or Africa, consumers are causing the production.

  • Some Non-metallic mineral products and industries are highly toxic. Their mining is always disastrous for the environment.
    Industrially produced cement, bricks and tiles, sanitary ware, and glass to consumer products such as tableware and decorative goods.



  • Transportation equipment is highly toxic. The more simple the transportation the better. The higher the consumer density per transport and fuel unit, the better.

  • Industrially fabricated metals and machinery that we use in everyday life. Making these tools cones at a very high price, environmentally speaking.

  • No need to tell you, synthetics, plastics and rubber are not helping matters.

  • The petroleum industry is horrible, but you knew that already. Everytime you use your car, you hurt the environment. Noone is making you do that, you have the choice to use public transport or a bicycle.

  • Obviously, flying to your favourite vacation spot is ignorant and makes you a hypocrite.

  • The way we feed our population is both horrifically poisonous and CO2 heavy, beside being enormously wasteful. Buy your foods locally produced, they require much less packaging, they are healthier, fresher and do not need to be transported around the planet.

  • Meat production is a matter of how. Make sure all meat you eat is naturally fed, meaning grass fed if beef. The methane, CO2 from the grass they eat, will not change the CO2 in the atmosphere, since the grass absorbed it in the same months while growing. What is important, is that no trees are cut to make room for pastures. Trees absorb CO2.
    Maritime fishing industries are having a catastrophic impact on both the environment and the abundance of species in our oceans.

  • Hazardous waste obviously is a bad one, dealing with it requires care and accountability. Try to purchase / consume products whose production processes do not produce hazardous waste.

  • The process of industrially making paper releases dioxin, nitrous oxide, sulfur oxide, and carbon monoxide (among other chemicals) into the air. Be aware.

  • Mining and producing primary metals like steel is a terribly toxic process. Anything you can do to cause less such metals to be produced helps the environment. Use your car until it's done, have one car per family, one television set etc. and do not replace your appliances every time a new model comes out.

  • Electric utilities in areas where energy is produced vial burning of fossil fuels. Ironically, the production of solar panels and wind turbines arenßt all that great for the environment. 1'600 coal plants are currently in construction worldwide.

    If you thought Germany has their energy production on a clean path, think again. http://www.tai.org.au/content/deconstructing-case-coal

  • There are hundreds of coal firing power plants under construction worldwide, as the consumption is on the rise due to electric vehicles becoming more popular, and nuclear power plants being taken offline. These trends are clearly not sustainable. Nuclear power has made huge strides. Thorium should become a real alternative until fusion reactors are industrially feasible.

  • Beside Coal, gas is becoming increasingly popular for energy production, we even ship it around half the planet after it is compressed, another process that uses much energy.

  • Chemicals and Pharma industries produce 47% of the total toxic waste output worldwide. We place these processes in Asia and Africa, nicely out of the way, later we are surprised that these people flee their home regions that we have caused to be poisoned.

    A part of this is the textile and dye industry, responsible for about 5% of the negative environmental impact the EU produces. Now consider that in Germany, an average woman possesses between 50 to 100 garments she wears less than 5 times. Ironically, 'I have nothing to wear', is probably one of the most used phrases in western societyßs bedrooms. And then come the shoes...

    Most consumers barely care for how or where a piece of clothing was made, or what it is made of (sheep's hair, a plant, or fossil oil) We should care about what we envelope our skin with as much as what we ingest (eat and drink), well maybe more, considering the sales volumes junk food and soda pop companies report.

    "Most of us don't realise how environmentally intensive it is to make a single article of clothing, says fashion sustainability expert Clara Vuletich, whose PhD research focuses on sustainable textiles.

    "Textile supply chains are some of the most complex of any manufacturing sector," she said, and she's right.



    Metal mining as an industry releases yet again three times the toxins into the environment than chemicals and pharma together.



    To be continued

Status Quo 2017

Status Quo 2017

What it comes down to. We should stop trying to fight single legislature changes we dislike. Fighting over the ban of glyphosate is good, but it is too much effort on one issue. We need to get cracking at the source problem:
All democratic processes have to become transparent, politicians should not be appointed by other politicians, but elected. Lobbying should be made transparent and accountable also, (if not completely abolished. Non natural persons, corporations etc. are not citizens, they have no legal right to vote, so they should not be allowed to influence the electorate with financial power.) Political bodies and institutions need to be made accountable. All other efforts will eventually be futile.

Some of you think politics are boring, voting makes no difference. What if everybody feels like that. Well that's how we get Nazis, dictators and totalitarian regimes. Not being at least interested and not voting is ignorant and lame, not cool at all. Caring, informing yourself and voting is cool.

Any parent's first priority, or how we pay food corporations big money for making us sick

Any parent's first priority, or how we pay food corporations big money for making us sick

Did you ever eat raw Cheerios, or raw Oreo cookies? Did you feel a film on your tongue and teeth afterwards? That was sugar. Whenever you eat finger food, if your fingers are sticky after you lick them clean, that's sugar. Did you ever spill a Sprite, or a Coca Cola? The sticky mess after, that's sugar.
If you home cook a 'minestrone', a famous, delicious Italian vegetable soup, or a French bouillabaisse, a fish soup, they don't make your fingers sticky. Interestingly enough, the health care systems in those countries have much less obese people to deal with, and much less cardiovascular problems in their population than they have in the US. The two dished are only examples.

This article is dedicated to helping you find your way through all the misinformation you don't have time to filter out. I took the time to do all the tedious research and fact checking, so you don't have to. Of course, since you don't know me, I took the liberty of posting my most important, relatively easy to read sources, at the end of this article, so you can check where the information I give you comes from, me being a former construction manager, after all.

5 facts that prove Humanity can abolish Violence

5 facts that prove Humanity can abolish Violence

The Eagle has talons and a beak to fight and kill
The Snake is fast and has poison to fight and kill
The Spider has fangs to fight and kill
The Lion has sharp claws and teeth to fight and kill
You will not see the Chameleon
Nor the Tawny Frogmouth Owl
Man has... well, a 'superior brain
So he wouldn't have to fight and kill
What went wrong, too much incest?

Realistic reasons why I believe humanity will make it into the next millennium

Realistic reasons why I believe humanity will make it into the next millennium

Whether you are a Norwegian fisherman, an Austrian dairy farmer, a US postman, a German engineer, a Swiss banker, a Chinese software engineer, a native Australian shaman, or the mother of two children in Cape Town, it matters not. You all essentially want the same. You want to live in peace and you want for your loved ones to prosper and live a life in peace. We all want to live in conditions in which we can thrive and pursue our own idea of happiness.

Those who know me, know that I am an outspoken fan of science fiction and science in general, it used to be a problem when choosing a film to watch on a rainy evening with my ex. The idea of travelling to other worlds and exploring outer space, the chance to encounter (arguably) most likely intelligent, non violent extraterrestrial life forms, fills me with euphoria, hope and a sense of adventure.
That being said, I try to implement rational thinking and logic in all of my every day and long term decision making. So here is how I consider this issue, thinking rationally...

Ignorance may not be bliss after all.

Ignorance may not be bliss after all.

Ignorance is such an interesting issue, it is also a behavioural pattern that affects our own wellbeing and that of our immediate and broader environment directly. Ignorance is our way to 'deal' or not deal with problems we are faced with. The more complex the problem, the more we are prone to ignore it.
I chose ignorance to write about today because, I believe if we can learn to be less ignorant in general, we will live better lives and we will have a better, more positive impact on our surroundings and fellow humans.

Decide To Make It A Good Day, Everyday

Decide To Make It A Good Day, Everyday

Personally, it always makes me feel good when I talk with children, and I can see the interest in their eyes when I tell them about nature, about living healthy, being positive and creative, and about using your brain, using reason, forming an opinion based on things we learn to be true. Children love to exercise their young brains, don't feed them the mind numbing advertising on television, or video games, get them planting vegetables on the balcony or in the kitchen. Watch them smile when the first little green leaf peaks out from the soil. You think that's fun, watch them eat their first homegrown strawberry, or tomato, or cucumber, or lettuce. Some kids might be more interested in building structures, have them build a hydroponic gardening shelve. Others again may be artistic, they may want to learn how to write a story, or how to sculpt their own head, or, or, or.

The good news on Monday

The good news on Monday

There are so many good people walking the planet, trying to do right by humanity. They are people who are proud to be human, they remember what it means to be human, what it means to be the ruling species on a planet. To be a ruler comes with responsibilities. Let's remember this fact and never forget it.

We are what we set out to be, and what we are willing to learn to become, putting in the effort to change ourself and become the best at BEING ourself.

We've known for a long time.

the loss of the internet, or the rediscovery of penmanship

Someone asked me once, what will we do, when they censure the internet, or we lose it altogether? At first I felt a little old. Has it been that long since I had written a Love Letter, or any letter? Damn, it had been a good decade.
A Hand Written Love Letter used to be the key to a woman's heart, if honest emotion and the care within could be felt by the receiver.
Oh, I remember the days when I used to go to the mail box in the morning, to get the morning paper and the mail, and I would discover a letter with my address written on it, in this oh so beautiful penmanship that was so dear to me, it would make my heart light up like the sun, when it just begins to rise over the horizon on a morning in late spring. Then I would notice the scent escaping the envelop as I opened it, Her bouquet. Like mountain air that had picked up a whiff of pine forest and whet barley fields after a warm rain in summer...

Yes, a letter can carry all that, and so much more.
A love letter could make your day, your week even. I enjoyed writing them too. They helped me become clear about what I felt for someone. Letters to your parents, siblings, or friends, can be love letters too.

Sending a love letter after a fight, to apologise, or to ask for forgiveness, or to offer it, was so much more than a text message. A handwritten Letter is much more thoughtful. You can't make corrections, and you write slow enough so that your inner voice can keep up and formulate what you really want to say. I take what I write in a letter more seriously, and, I guess I mean it more seriously too. There is also that matter of aesthetics, My Father used to have the most beautiful penmanship I had ever seen, with high curves and long stems and tails. It was like a wild creek running through the pages. Your hand writing could tell a lot about you, and, if you could muster the eye to see it, my dad's showed you who he was; an honest, deeply caring, strong character who wanted to become better at being himself throughout his life, and who expected no less from his loved ones.

My own handwriting, when I was younger, was a result of having been raised by such a man, I need to rediscover it.

I guess, we should write more 'Love Letters'.

Das Migrations Problem das keines ist (Deutsch)

Also mal Klartext. 
Mauern, Armeen und Verbote helfen nicht. Ihr wollt das zwar nicht hören, aber WIR, Bürger und Konsumenten, WIR müssen uns ändern, und die Ausbeutung von Dritte Wellt Ländern durch Großkonzerne verhindern indem wir bewusst konsumieren. Auf die Politik können wir lange warten. Als Konsumenten, müssen wir aufhören Produkte zu konsumieren deren Herstellung brutalste Kinderarbeit, Sklavenhandel, die Zerstörung der ökologischen Systeme ganzer Erdteile, und die Ausbeutung der Ressourcen von Dritt Welt Ländern beinhaltet.
Wir müssen die Politiker und Firmen Bosse durch unser Verhalten als Konsumenten und Bürger dazu zwingen, den Waffenhandel in Konfliktstaaten zu beenden, Ja, das wird am Anfang Arbeitsplätze kosten, aber man bedenke die Alternative.
WIR müssen uns ändern, so oder so.
Eine der grössten Ängste der Europäischen Bürger ist, auch wenn sie angesichts der drohenden Klimakriese sicher nicht die grösste Bedrohung ist, die Migrations-Flut aus Krisengebieten die WIR 'geschaffen' haben. Die Integration solcher Massen von Menschen aus anderen Kulturen, mit anderen Werten, ist schlicht unmöglich, so was braucht Generationen, Zeit die wir nicht haben.
Laut UNICEF, sitzen über eine Million auswegloser, junger Afrikanischer Menschen auf gepackten Koffern. Hunderttausend Migranten pro Jahr in Europa, OK, aber 100'000 pro Monat in Deutschland alleine, man bedenke bitte, wo führt denn das hin? Probleme für Europa (logistische, soziale, kulturelle (leider), ökologische und ökonomische) und keine Lösungen in den Ursprungsländern. Das wird so lange so weitergehen bis wir: 
A. den internationalen Waffenhandel an 'Dritt- und Konfliktstaaten beenden und unterbinden, auch Munition, und somit den kriegsführenden Parteien der 'Saft' ausgeht.
B. Die Ausbeutung von Drittwelt- und Konfliktstaaten beenden (Arbeitskräfte, Öl, Metalle, Edelmetalle, seltene Erden, Kakau, Kaffee, exotische Früchte und und und) Wir lassen denen ja keine andere Möglichkeit. Diese Menschen werden 'von uns' sprichwörtlich in die Enge getrieben. Die wollen doch nicht grundlos alles aufgeben und neu anfangen. Die Internationalen Konzerne müssen in dieser Sache dringend mehr zur Verantwortung gezogen werden, sofort! Nebst den unabsehbaren menschlichen Tragödien, kosten diese Kriege ja auch ein Vermögen das man besser in humanitäre Entwicklung investieren sollte.
Es kommt noch hinzu, dass die Menschen die von den Krisengebieten wegziehen, nach Friedensschluss (welcher ja das Ziel sein muss) beim Wiederaufbau der jeweiligen Länder fehlen. Man überlege sich einfach die Folgen der gegenwärtigen, völlig ziellosen Vorgehensweisen. Natürlich will niemand Verantwortung übernehmen, auch wir Verbraucher nicht, das ist halt unbequem. Wer fährt denn alles noch mit einem Benziner, oder heizt sein Haus mit Öl? Ein Mitgrund für die Kriege. Da bin ich auch noch schuldig, aber ich ändere meine Gewohnheiten Schritt für Schritt, und es macht Spaß, ich fühle mich immer besser.
Zu guter Letzt müssen wir weltweit die Bildung der Massen verbessern, das reduziert die Armut, die Ignoranz und den religiösen Fanatismus.
Eine Öl unabhängige Energiegewinnung wäre auch nicht schlecht, da ist ja Deutschland schon mal Vorreiter mit der Energiewende.
Also, so unmöglich und unbequem meine Vorschläge auch scheinen mögen, Ich sehe langfristig keine andere rationale Lösung, Brauchen wir auch nicht. Eine Veränderung kommt sowieso, also lasst es uns diesmal richtig machen.