Status Quo 2017

It has been a while since my last post here, my apologies to those who are interested readers and active European citizens/voters. Moving my base from Ibiza to Vienna and other personal issues have kept me from thinking up meaningful comments and or stories.

Believe me, I wasn't asleep. While travelling and meeting great new people, I have also encountered much of 'the other side' once again. Conversations with new acquaintances and the lack of feedback on our website, have made it quite clear that the main body of the human species is not ready to change. Interest in how to make this a better world for all is rather thin, so I will write here when I feel like it, and I will write what I feel should be said.
Today is such a day, and the following is what I believe should be said.

Personally, I have nothing to complain. Really, I love my life, every aspect of it. I can't see a 'problem' far or close, though I am certain it will not remain so.
Things never stop changing. Reality is a state of constant change, anyones reality.

For many people 2017 was not a good year, some are aware, most aren't.
In Europe, we believe all is going as planned, more or less. But if we take a closer look, democracy is disintegrating, rather than gaining democratic characteristics.
European Council, European Commission, European Parliament, three main bodies whose organisation structures and distribution of powers are so complicated, hardly one of the 375'000'000 eligible voters (in 2009) can really see through it.
The bodies of the European Government (like the bodies of all Governments, should be representative, transparent and accountable, yet it seems they are none of those.
If these characteristics are present in a democratic institution, then it will normally enjoy legitimacy and authority, It and its members will be respected and trusted. Respect and trust will make a government more efficient.

Activist groups around the globe are working hard to keep democratic processes alive, restore them where they were lost, but behind closed doors, deals like CETA and TTIP are negotiated and undemocratic, literally horrific structures like the Investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) or investment court system (ICS) are constructed.
These new deals and structures undermine and literally disable democratic institutions and processes as we know them. Corporations gain more and more power as we, the citizens lose it gradually, and we are standing by.
Don't just take my word for it, do your own fact checking.

How will you handle it when in twenty years from now, your child approaches you and asks, 'Mom/Dad, didn't you see this coming? Why didn't you do something? Don't you love me?

Shame on us.

In the USA we have recently lost net neutrality through corrupt processes.
Many of you have seen petitions against this and you were too lazy or ignorant to sign them. If you stop reading here you prove my point.
I am sorry but I have to be straight. Maybe some of you wake up before worse things happen.
The Swiss government is actually trying to raise levels of Glyphosate allowed in produce in Switzerland, well, they can try. Others and I will gladly start a referendum not only to stop that, but to oust politicians behaving so obviously corrupt.

In the USA, a self proclaimed 'exporter' of democracy, true democracy has been all but dismantled, and all under the ignorant eyes of the electorate (citizens). George Orwell and Aldous Huxley would cry crocodile tears if they could see how far the idea of 'dystopia' could be taken.
Viewing from outside the USA, Trump and friends are having a ball, while most Americans still think they live in the land of the free. To us outsiders, this is truly unbelievable, really unbelievable. How did we get here? How is it possible for the citizens of a nation who, as a nation, believe theirs is the greatest on the planet, to accept such a leader. A leader who continues to openly lie to them, steal from them and insult and demean them wherever he sees an opportunity.
I used to think Trump is a moron, I am no longer sure that is the case. He does however have a personal agenda which he will push ahead without wasting a thought about the collateral damage his citizenry will have to suffer. He figured it out. 'His citizens' are confused and ignorant to his misdoings, they are so numb, and distracted with fake news, fear of terrorism, reality television, X-Box, eat what you can contests, and mud wrestling, he will take what he will from America and after four years he will not even have to pay for it, you might even give him a second run at it, I would not be surprised.

What it comes down to. We should stop trying to fight single legislature changes we dislike. Fighting over the ban of glyphosate is good, but it is too much effort on one issue. We need to get cracking at the source problem:
All democratic processes have to become transparent, politicians should not be appointed by other politicians, but elected. Lobbying should be made transparent and accountable also, (if not completely abolished. Non natural persons, corporations etc. are not citizens, they have no legal right to vote, so they should not be allowed to influence the electorate with financial power.) Political bodies and institutions need to be made accountable. All other efforts will eventually be futile.

Some of you think politics are boring, voting makes no difference. What if everybody feels like that. Well that's how we get Nazis, dictators and totalitarian regimes. Not being at least interested and not voting is ignorant and lame, not cool at all. Caring, informing yourself and voting is cool.

So here you have it. In the face of so much world wide ignorance, I chose to reduce my effort online, not to naught, but to a level that meets the level of interest and feedback. I remembered that I have a life to live, a great life, this blog is a part of that life, not all of it.

My next Issue: The European Commission and Jean-Claude Juncker. A look deep into secret negotiations, tax avoidance and criminal evidence 'tampering'.

Happy new year everybody.

See you in 2018, let's make it a more inspired one.

Alexander Somm