Climate change, is it real?

In order to find out what others believe and what not, let me start a conversation about climate change, and whether it is man made.

I believe, the question whether human activity is causing climate change, is irrelevant, there are many good reason to produce clean energy and harness wind, hydro and solar power.

  1. Fossil fuels are finite
  2. Fossil fuels make a mess where they are made and where they are used.
  3. Wind, hydro and solar power are infinite and clean
  4. More and more wars are fraught for resources
  5. Fuels need to be produced, refined and delivered
  6. You can produce clean energy in your own home
  7. I like clean air
  8. I like clean water
  9. I am healthy and I like to stay that way
  10. I don't like street noise
  11. I don't like to conserve energy
  12. The use of renewable energy costs less, a lot less after you count in:
    • The increased cost of production (lobbying, fracking, transport)
    • The increased cost of health care (from the poisons released in burning FFs)
    • Increase in local warfare (to exploit third world nations, secure resources)
    • Increase in global geopolitical conflict, unrest
    • Terrorism, open water piracy (actual freedom fighters, fighting against their nation's being exploited)
    • Refugees crisis, (actually people trying to flee those exploited regions, also called victims, our victims.)

You need one more? OK, climate change, whether we are a factor or not, it's real, get over it.

How do you see the issue?

Alexander Somm, July 10th 2017