Our young ones and food

As I was out shopping for food yesterday, a couple of teenagers caught my attention. They were carrying what seemed to be their lunch; except, the products in their embrace were not products I would consider fit for human consumption, some I would describe as outright poisonous.

We try to keep kids away from drugs and alcohol, those are serious issues we should educate children about in elementary schools already, beside not 'allowing' them to indulge. We also forbid them to watch violence or porn on TV or video. Children are prevented from exposure to those things as they are clearly not good for them, I guess with porn it depends on the age. Illicit drugs are illegal, for others, prescriptions are required, for they may cause harm.

So how about enforcing prescriptions for junk food? Supposedly 'edible' products that are proven unhealthy, should not be allowed to be sold freely. A first step would be to make advertising targeted at children, illegal. Not only are those poisons legal to make and sell, even to the youngest in school, but they get promoted everywhere. MC Donald's sponsors schoolbooks, what effect can we expect. Fast food restaurants feed the children after school and during their brakes. The kids consume chips, chocolate bars and soda pop. I really am not a fan of too much regulation, but those corporations can not be let loose to attack our young ones any longer. All this advertising and marketing that is targeting children is, in my view, just as bad and cruel as selling drugs on the school yard, JUST AS BAD, but legal. Why do we allow corporations to seriously harm children, for profits? Some politician please explain that to me, but watch it, I'll have a paediatrician and a nutritionist standing by.

This shouldn't be the issue, but if you feed your children 'crap', and they get sick later, what do you think they will think of you? (nursing home, liquid food, boredom, elder abuse, neglect and more comes to mind)

The same goes for marketing toy weapons, and other moronic, in an educational sense, completely useless or even harmful 'toys' and video games. Children in that age love to learn, they eat up new information, and what do we give them to satisfy this hunger? Advertising and marketing, promoting mindless and violent video games, and the consume of sugar, trans fats in a variety of forms, refined white flour and grains, artificial sweeteners that cause cardio vascular and other serious health problems besides obesity and other 'poisons'. Sodium benzoate and potassium benzoate as well as butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and other widely used chemical agents even sound like ingredients to build a bomb. Not only should we end this unhealthy, potentially lethal misinformation of our youngest, we should encourage those running our education systems and principals, to hire nutritionists to help compose meals served in schools, and give classes on healthy sustainable eating. We should begin to let children experience the fun of smart shopping, healthy cooking and eating, maybe even have them plant hydroponic vegetables in class, so they can get a first hand experience, and a taste for what's good.

I have no children of my own, but I take this issue very, very serious, I hope you do too. So let's get active on the subject, start making pressure on your local politician, talk to your fellow parent neighbours, anything you can think of, or risk losing control over what your child eats, drinks, thinks and plays with.

Below, I allowed myself to link some good sources for reading material on the subject. Some of it is really scary, be prepared.

Alexander Somm, July 12th 2017


The first one should really be taught in schools. I guess quite a few children would no longer eat that shit if they were shown what's in it.