Democracy and Pro Trade Legislation

We have pro trade legislation, instead of pro citizen, pro consumer legislation.
We can keep signing petitions to keep plastic straws out of the oceans, to keep neonics away from agriculture, to make advertising and marketing fair and truthful and keep it from targeting children, to make corporations take responsibility for their products impact on environment and consumer, and many more issues.
We can fight for each of these issues separately, or we can start to place some pressure on our MPs and governments and make them begin writing legislation that's pro citizen, not pro trade and profit, in general and globally.
How do you make pressure? Well, therein lies the challenge, we have to change the way we consume, we have to get better informed before electing politicians, and last but not least, we need to apply more common sense and reason when we are being citizens and or consumers and try to put aside our EGOs. If we do nothing, if we decide to ignore what is going on by choice, then we give politicians and corporate leaders the legal and moral license to control all aspects of our lives.
Now, do you have a child? Children? Do you love them? Consider the world we leave behind for them to 'exist' in, all because we were to comfortable to change. With business as usual, eventually, the common citizen, today's children, will have but one purpose, be a wheel in the machine and make a buck.

Do you disagree with me? Please, argue with me, show me I'm wrong. I implore you to give it all your wit. Oh how I would love to be wrong.

Obviously, to change the rules in a well oiled economy is a tricky endeavour. Corporations want to and should make a profit, and there is nothing wrong with making a healthy, deserved profit, employment rests on that also. However, the incentive to invest in a company should not foremost be profits, it should be consumer well-being and satisfaction, and sustainability; economic, ecologic, social and financial. Profits can still be made after these conditions have been fulfilled, great profits. The way I see it, a sustainable, thriving humanity would be a form of collective additional profit, or bonus on top.
Imagine how much fun, how satisfying it would be, to develop new products that are great for everyone and which create a good (financial) profit, without worrying about class action suits, a global decline of general health, a collapsing climate and ecosystem, worldwide unrest, mass migration...

The banking system has been out of control for centuries, but now it has become a double turbo compressor to trade and profits of those in power, with bad, undemocratic legislation acting as a lever for their profit risk ratio, with the risk on our backs but the profits going to their accounts. Look around, you know this is true.
Bank Bailouts should never be allowed to occur again, or we should not allow them to become necessary in the first place, NO MORE 'TO BIG TO FAIL'.
One good change would be to make corporations executives directly accountable for their actions, like all citizens have to consider the consequences of their actions also. Is this a democracy, yes or no? OK, so the majority rules. Politicians are the employees of their electorates, not the other way around. let's show them.

And when we get down to the basics, how did we ever get to things like hedge funds, Rating Agencies that get paid for false ratings, special-purpose entity (SPE) credit default swap (CDS), asset-backed security (ABS) and other risky financial products, which, I am certain, the common people or, the majority would never allow to be made legal if they were first educated about them and subsequently asked for their opinion. Well, why weren't they? I ask again, are we living in democracies or not? Shouldn't we start to behave like it? Some of us have family members fight in wars, supposedly for democracy. The least we all should do, is get qualified, quality information, use reason and rationale when filtering the information, and vote, use our voice, as citizens and as consumers, or we fail at being human.

Now act on how you feel, no more business as usual.