My Thoughts On Mass Migration

The problem is, we are human, some of us just can't change.

In plain and simple words.
Walls, armies and prohibitions are not the solution.
You do not want to hear this, but we, the citizens have to change our way, our thinking, If we want to make this world better, or just end the migration.
WE have to stop the arms trade into conflict regions and, above all, prevent the exploitation of third world countries by Multinational corporations. We can't wait a for politics to get active. As Citizens and consumers, we must stop purchasing products whose manufacture involves the most brutal child labour, slave trade, the destruction of the ecosystems of entire continents, and the exploitation of resources in third world countries.
We HAVE TO change.
One of the greatest fears of the European citizen, even though it is certainly not the greatest danger, in the face of imminent climate change, is the mass migration from war torn regions. The integration of such masses of people from other cultures is simply impossible in the time given. According to UNICEF, over a million hopeless, young African people are sitting on packed suitcases. A hundred thousand migrants per year coming to Europe, OK, but 100,000 per month to Germany alone, please consider, where does that end? Looming problems for Europe (logistics, social, cultural (unfortunately), ecological and economic) and no solutions in the countries of origin.
This will continue so long until we:
A. End and prevent international arms 'trafficking' to third party nations and conflict regions, including ammunition, and thus take the 'fuel' from warring parties.
B. End all exploitation of Third World- and Conflict States (labour, oil, metals, precious metals, rare earths, cocoa, coffee, exotic fruits, and so on).
We leave these people with no other choice but migration to where they believe their salvation lies. They do NOT WANT to abandon everything they have and know without reason and start anew. International corporations must be urged with more pressure in this matter, to take responsibility, NOW!
In addition to the immeasurable human tragedies, these wars also cost a fortune that should be better spent on humanitarian development.
There is also the fact that the people who move away from crisis areas, after peace is achieved (which must be the main objective), will be missed, when it comes to the reconstruction of the respective countries. One must simply consider the consequences of the present, completely aimless approaches and endeavours.
Of course no one wants to take responsibility, or the first step, even we consumers do not, it's uncomfortable. Who is still driving a petrol driven car, or heating his house with oil? Our thirst for Oil is a major cause for wars. Oil-independent energy production will be a necessary step, in this, Germany is already a pioneer with the 'Energiewende'.
I'm afraid i have to admit, I am still guilty of unsustainable living, but I am gradually changing my habits, and hey, it is fun, it feels great.
And last but not least, we need to improve education of the masses around the world, thus reducing poverty and religious fanaticism, and increase the quality of living, globally, for all.
So, as impossible and uncomfortable as my suggestions may seem, I see no other rational solution in the long run. No Problem. Change is good, It is fun, It will be a challenge, but the alternative is not acceptable. so let's get changing.

Alexander Somm, July 12th 2017