Decide To Make It A Good Day, Everyday

As I told you yesterday, The thing with good news is that they spread much slower than any other news. If Kim Kardashian has indigestion, that seems to be of so much interest, it can go viral. Why is that? Ask yourself why you are interested in other people's life so much. You will probably find that you aren't, you are just making the time go by, You exist through the day instead of living it. You live other people's lives the way they serve it to you. Is that all you have coming? You see, I can tell you, it is not harder to see the good and the meaningful, than it ist is to see all that irrelevant, meaningless day filler material, But there ist so much good stuff happening out there, even trying to find it, gives your day more meaning. If you can't unearth anything you like at any given morning, google 'good news' instead of turning on the TV. You should get used to reading some of that every morning, it will improve your mood considerably. I mean, do you really need to know every time ten children die in Afghanistan. You know those wars are bad, you don't need more bad info every day.

Reading that news magazine you read every day, watching the morning show?
The info you are taking in doesn't deserve the title, and you don't need it, or do you? What you do need, is dose of good energy, good vibes to get you through the day with a smile. If you're lucky, you may find a love letter stuck on your fridge, or beside your coffee pot, that'll do the job too, of course. Leave a rose on the soap dish in the shower for the next person to find, their surprise will be fun. A colourful drawing from your youngest one can surely make your day a little brighter as well.

You're complaining about the bill for antidepressant? Turn off the television, go ahead, try it. Put away your cell phone when you have your morning coffee and look outside instead. come on, I mean it, yes YOU, I am not talking to myself. Check out the new day, I'm convinced, the scene out there is better than the TV-morning shows or the tabloids, no matter where you live. Even if it's a rainy day, think of the life the water gives your community, or look for a rainbow. Try to find things you enjoy or like, rather than having some stranger serve stale french fries, information that only pulls you down, or that will have you complain. There are so many things we can appreciate.
Here is a story that can make your day.

You see, What those people did, is what I'm talking about. I am certain there is a good chance your life is way better than the lives of those poor people in that Indian slum. They couldn't help it being a slum, but now its a colourful one. Living in those colours helps them deal with the difficulties they face every day.
Here's some more goodness.

Isn't it better to appreciate the empty seat on the bus, than grumble about Traffic? Try not to moan about what you can't change. What ever you can't change, try to get through it the best you can, without wasting a thought about it, you can't help it either way. To let a bad situation anger you, only makes it worse. If in any way possible, try not to let things stress you, that you have no control over. Here is some reading on how to release stress through breathing. I'm not esoteric at all, this works, with a little practise.

Here is a guide to help you teach kids live more sustainably, it gives you Ideas on how to even begin this important process. Talking with children about good things and making things better, is also great way to feel good.

This will load a .pdf file, an e-book

Personally, it always makes me feel good when I talk with children, and I can see the interest in their eyes when I tell them about nature, about living healthy, being positive and creative, and about using your brain, using reason, forming an opinion based on things we learn to be true. Children love to exercise their young brains, don't feed them the mind numbing advertising on television, or video games, get them planting vegetables on the balcony or in the kitchen. Watch them smile when the first little green leaf peaks out from the soil. You think that's fun, watch them eat their first homegrown strawberry, or tomato, or cucumber, or lettuce. Some kids might be more interested in building structures, have them build a hydroponic gardening shelve. Others again may be artistic, they may want to learn how to write a story, or how to sculpt their own head, or, or, or.

I don't have children, so here I am, telling you about the good sides life can show you if you look.
Instead of the tabloids, read up on some of that good shopping. Good, ethical shopping is what helps make the world a better place if more people do it.

Think of how creative you can get, when it comes to your wardrobe. The average woman in Germany owns 120 peaces of wardrobe and has nothing to wear. Can you help out the less fortunate, poorer people in your community with some of the 40% you never wear?
I think you get my drift. Don't be an ignorant to what's going on, but concentrate on what you can change, or have a good influence on. You know, there is some truth in Bobby McFerrin's words, 'Don't Worry Be Happy'.

So, load up on some good energy before you start your day, fly over some good news. Have a friendly chat with your neighbour, walk your dog for 5 minutes longer this morning.

I wish you a great and truly inspired weekend.

Alexander Somm, July 29th 2017

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