Impossible leaders

I am aware of all the serious issues we need to address, but today I take a timeout. Today I would like to ease my bafflement with how much insult a nation can take. I really know America quite well, and I know it's people. The American Citizen doesn't deserve this excuse for a leader. America doesn't deserve this horrific representation, but, and I'm sorry to have to be blunt, America had it coming. The Status Quo had announced itself long ago.

Even before the election, it was becoming obvious, that real leaders who would be willing to step in and take charge, make America a nation other nations would gladly follow, a leading nation by example, such leaders had become a rare breed. Hillary Clinton had lost all trust, so had Obama (who wasn't an option anyways), leaving us with Bernie Sanders, he would have been the best president in decades.

I know, different people see things differently, so agreeing on a new leader, a better leader, is not so easy, considering the differences in heritage, race, history, religion, sexual orientation, income, social status and favourite colour. We dwell on our 'little' issues, it keeps us distracted from what really needs to be dealt with. Well, why not try and find common ground, instead of issues to bicker about? 

  • Who would like to live in peace?
  • Who would like to be healthy?
  • Would you like to live freely, and without fear of repression?
  • Would you like to speak your mind?
  • Would you like to be informed truthfully, about what our politicians are doing?
  • Would you like your kids to be well educated?
  • Who would like to watch their kids play in the sand with the neighbour's kids?
    • If colour is a problem, you need professional help (for free ;-)
  • Who would like to feel safe when stepping outside the door, going to the doctor / hospital
  • Who would like to know that your kids are safe in school.
  • who would like to buy safe products, made without harming any party involved in the process or not. (fair trade, labour safety, environmentally sound...)

Now, are those more important than to own a gun, keep one at your home? Well, what you can't find consensus over, have a popular vote and do as the majority says, because that's what democracy is.

See, so get together already and stop locking horns over little scraps that are on no ones priority list. What I read most in forums and comment sections, is a lot of cursing. You ass hole, leftist, socialist, idiot... We in Europe keep hearing American bolster, 'When shit hits the fan we get together, we are one nation, there for each other.' I can't see that. Your egos are literally suffocating you. Get a grip. You are the electorate in a democracy, behave like it. Stop the insults, listen to each other. If you see some truth in what your opponent says, admit it, it feels great. And you know, the one who 'loses' an argument is the real winner, for he has gained knowledge, the 'winner didn't.

Eventually, I would like to find out, do Americans really believe Trump is the best man to lead, the best America could muster? Damn, even I know that is not true. So shouldn't the BEST be running things? I mean, America is the leader of the free world, no? See, this is where the Democrats disappoint me. Politicians should leave the complaining to us, quarrelling doesn't suit a politician either. Instead the Democrats should now step in with new ideas that can pass both houses, offer the President some policies he could 'adopt', and help lead the country out of the current crisis of identity.

For now, I consider America leaderless, she's a fully laden truck with an eight year old in the drivers seat, I mean that. Actually, I know some eight year old kids who would do better, way better, seriously no joke.

Dear America, I hope you can find and agree on another driver soon, you depend on it.

Alexander Somm, 8th July, 2017