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Hi. My name is Alexander Somm, I am the author of this website. I am no Don Quixote, but I don't like to have to call myself a hypocrite. So, since I caught myself complaining a lot, about this or that, I decided to try to change things to the best of my abilities.

I will post some quite radical ideas here, I hope you will too, here. I am doing this with the help of readers and fellow citizens and human patriots. This endeavour is entirely non profit, well, I hope things around the world may change for the better a little...

Don't tell me, I know, I'm a dreamer.

I hope for constructive and rational input. All I am doing so far, is start the process of change.

Please keep from insulting, religiously one sided and/or irrational writing, such will be deleted instantly, here and especially in the debate section.


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