Firts Steps


First steps, baby steps

The ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.

Consideration, respect
The act of thinking carefully about something you will make a decision about.
A desire to avoid doing something that will make another person sad, upset, angry, or harm them etc

Some of you are hoping for an extraterrestrial species to come and teach us how to evolve and become better, live more sustainably.
What would they say?
They would say,: 'Get along already, quit fighting!'
What did you think they would say?
Now, didn't we know that all along?
It's what parents yell at their kids in the rear of the family car.
Get along!

Information, Education, Learning

We have to understand, that if we don't start to change now, when will we, and who are we expecting to do it for us?

Don't just accept what others write or say, use your brain and common sense to filter the flood of information.

"Believe nothing,
No matter where you read it,
Or who has said it,
Not even if I have said it,
Unless it agrees with your own reason
And your own common sense."


Surely, you will find flaws on this platforms. I may have flawed research or reasoning. So don't take what you find here for the absolute truth. I am not a teacher or a leader, I am just a student of human nature.

Argue with me if you disagree, but argue rationally and fact based to the best of your knowledge. Debates and arguments serve to find the truth, not a winner. The only party gaining personally from a debate is the one who's argument turned out to be flawed, the 'winner' did not learn anything he didn't already know, he only got his position confirmed.

It all begins with better information, making the right, qualified decisions about what we read every day, where we chose to get our information from. At first we need to carefully select our sources and begin following them, always alert and aware. There is much falsified and biased information available, in print or digital. Personally, I decided to be more honest with myself, lose my self importance to find out what is common sense. I decided to review my opinions and viewpoints critically, applying fact checking methods I had learned from my dad and in school. Fact Checking is relatively simple.


Fact Checking

This is an important step in finding out where you stand, and what you should do. You first need to check what you believe to be fact. Find out if you are 'on the right side'. Find out, learn, study and research your status quo and that of your community and environment. Find out whether you are walking on solid rock, or if you are trying to walk on water.

First, as mentioned above, use common sense. What is the agenda of the party spreading the news in question? Does any part of the message in question contradict what you know to be fact?

If what is in question, is theoretical, or a proposition, use your own reasoning, or that of a trusted person, of whom you think to be more knowledgeable than you, to come to a conclusion or to form your opinion.

When you need help with relationship or family matters, will you ask a catholic priest? They have never been in a relationship, and they never had a family. What do they know about it? Someone who got divorced after being married with kids for 20 years on the other hand, may have a clue or two for you. You want to bake Your own bread? Don't ask the fisherman how to do it.

What do your friends and colleagues think?

Google the exact headline. You should immediately see links debunking it if it’s fake. and also investigate the validity of Internet content.

Check the sources’ social-media accounts and look for a blue check mark near their name on Facebook or Twitter. This means their occupation has been verified and they are who they say.

Further, really efficient fact checking instructions:

Find many more on your own...


habitual changes in behaviour and decision making

Start boycotting those corporations who wreak the most havoc, and those that have become 'too large to fail... Take your business to the local store that sells preferably local products with little CO2 print. (transportation)

Don't drink 'Coca Cola, don't eat processed food, buy from local sources as much as possible. Teach your kids the fun of finding 'good products'. Learn, and teach your kids to live more sustainably, and without prejudice toward others. Teach them that violence never is an option, solutions are only found in debate and or mediation. Do not judge others by their believes. Lay off the racism. Improve your language skills. Curse words only insult the person using them.
Inform yourself how a product was made, buy products that are produced and marketed ethically, sustainably and transparently.
You can find a list of corporations, services and products with a description of behaviour and applied policies here.
You should of course, at some point, begin your own research, and help us with our list of companies, services and products to mind or support.


Dealing with 'difficult' or stubborn people

You will encounter many people, even friends, who, at first, will not have anything to do with your ideas. They will not understand the urgency at hand, and they may fear for their jobs or social status. Some will fail to see a way to win, some lead very comfortable lives and don't want to change that, others will simply not take you/us seriously. We have to help those people see the truth that don't yet, by first finding out why they don't see it. Then we can show people that their little issues will go away when we reach our first milestones.

Here's a bit of psychology

We need to define the dark reality of the obvious alternative as described here, and make it simple enough to understand, and we have to begin formulating solutions for the most pressing issues at hand. After that, things will start to go their way, our ideas will go viral and spread like wildfire.
If Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian can do it, this vision, our goal certainly can.


Go on with your life, applying change as you go.

Don't make this the only thing that matters in your live. Live your life as you have before, but gradually begin changing yourself. Adjust the way you think and make every day decisions, and learn to adjust your habits as you feel appropriate.

The change has to feel right for you, you have to feel comfortable, or else you will eventually abandon it. Talk to your family and friends first, then colleagues at work, the clerk at your local convenience store, your dentist, even your local cop, or soldiers returning from a tour.

Later, together, we seek public voices like great intellectuals, 'good' politicians like Bernie Sanders and celebrities that think progressively and pro human species.
It is up to each one of us to make the first steps, and then unite.

Remember, we will not do this in a day, or a year, but we need to start now. It may take a generation or two to see it through, and it will get worse before it will get better, just remember the alternative.
The alternative would arrive much sooner.


Commencing the change

I think, first we need to recognise that we all must change the way we behave and think. We must rid ourself of old dogmas and doctrines.
The fact that you are reading this text, is proof that you want change. No matter what religion you belong to, where you are from, or what your financial situation, you are looking for change. If you can learn and change, to a point where you see the greater truth, then the world can too.
Wide spread tolerance will be our first and biggest hurdle/milestone. The concepts of tolerance and consideration should be taught in kindergarten and elementary schools already.

We all have to put our own little agendas aside for a while and begin brainstorming the following:
What are the most pressing issues we can all agree on making a top priority?
Would you agree on stopping global armed conflicts coming before gay's rights?
Would you agree that a global single class education system is more important than animal rights?
Would you agree that a global single class health care system is more important than intellectual ownership rights.
What is more important, your right to privacy or freedom of speech?
See, now it gets trickier.
Education should be in the top 10 or so, as only an educated population can evolve and better herself.

What is more important, freedom of religion or abortion laws?
Got you, that was a trick question. Abortion is not a legal question. With total personal freedom, it is every woman's free choice and that needs to be respected. Technically, a fetus is not a legal person and has therefore no 'right' to live. (or shall we discuss the right to live for sperm also?)
If it is your personal believe that life starts after conception, then you may live by that believe, don't force your beliefs onto others.

Life does start at birth, so don't go killing people to express your personal freedom, your 'victim' has the same freedom.

These ideas can not just be applied globally with a bang, we first need the basics to spread, online and offline, and eventually go viral.
Remember the film 'Pay It Forward?', We need to do the same.
It isn't done by just informing people, show them, become a role model.
Begin to gradually live your live by a new set of rules.
Actually they aren't new, it's called common sense.

So really all we need to do, is applying common sense and reason in our everyday decision making.

Be tolerant toward others ways of living and religious believes.
Do not harm others in any way and make sure to not offend others in public with your actions.
Religious rules and laws are your private matter, they have no place in public life and they are always secondary to common civil and constitutional rights/laws.
Freedom of religion and personal freedom start at birth. If you want to be given the freedom to exercise your religion, give non religious people, or members of another religious community the freedom FROM religion. For that matter, young people should not be exposed to religious indoctrination until the age of 16, at which point each person can make their own qualified decision.

Do not offer advice or 'assistance', where it isn't asked for.

If you must judge others by your beliefs and values, keep your judgement to yourself.

One more thing. To change your life 100% is near impossible, but if you can manage to change your own way of living to be 10% more sustainable, peaceful, and be 10% more tolerant and considerate towards others, and to help 9 other people to change in the same fashion, then you have achieved the 100%.

Keep in mind the alternative, it IS worth the effort.


This page in a work in progress. Your feedback, input and collaboration is appreciated. Please stay rational and fact based.

Get in touch with us here, or participate in a discussion here.