Human Patriotism


National patriotism is futile

You say you love your country.
You say you love your friends.
You say you love your wife.
You say you love your children.
Then how can you wage war?
How can you turn this planet
On which all the people you love
Depend for living on
Into an uninhabitable wasteland?
(The basic idea is from Krishnamurti)

We are proud nationals of some country. Whether you live in Albania, in Norway, in Uruguay or in Uganda,
You think your country is the best,
And whatever you do there, is just and good.
But this way of thinking has kept us from evolving.
Beyond a doubt, national patriotism is futile.
Millennia of human existence have shown that.
I want to be proud to be human.
We should all be human patriots.

We should stop complaining about our corrupt politicians,
We know what they are like and we elect them.
And about the scrupulous businessmen and corporations
We know what they want and we give it to them.

When our politicians wage war
And do other unthinkable things
To us and to other nations peoples
It is because we let them.
And when our corporations
Poison our world, destroy our genepool
And sell us unsavory products
It is be cause we allow them to do so

By buying their 'shit'.

Can you see that national patriots are the same as fanatic football fans? They lose all objectivity and follow whatever is hyped by the media and by their leaders via lobbies. When they lose objectivity, they lose the ability to form an opinion and question the actions and rulings of the elite and others in power.


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