This could be the day you decide to live a new way.

This could be the day

Humanity shifts into the next gear

On her path through evolution.


Public opinion is becoming a superpower, if unarmed.

Can we put aside, for now, our differences of opinion on the issues that matter least?

You know, those over which we quarrel the most.

Can we put our heads together and find a common ground

To get working on what really matters?


In 1942, during WWII, the USA tested the first nuclear weapons explosion in human history. Leading scientists of that time (Edward Teller, Hans Bethe, J. Robert Oppenheimer and colleagues), involved in the project and familiar with its implications, raised concerns that the fission explosion might trigger runaway fusion and informed their leaders/employers, the US government officials running the project, of the real possibility that the planned explosion may ignite the atmosphere and thus extinguish all life on Earth.

(in Oppenheimer's words: 'I found that it was just incredibly unlikely.')

Their calculations showed a likelihood of 1/3'000'000, clearly a tiny chance, but with all life on Earth at stake...

(source: (The Impossibility of) Lighting Atmospheric Fire Dongwoo Chung, Stanford University, February 16, 2015, and


Just to show the reader how sure they were in regards to their calculations:

'In the months before the test, the Manhattan Project scientists had estimated that their bomb would yield the equivalent of between seven hundred and five thousand tons of TNT. As it turned out, the detonation force was equal to about twenty thousand tons of TNT—four times larger than the expected maximum.’ (source: The New Yorker, Alex Wellerstein, he is a historian of science and an assistant professor at the Stevens Institute of Technology, in New Jersey. He runs the blog 'Restricted Data'.)

The end of all life on Earth was incredibly unlikely, but they could not be sure.
The Government officials went ahead anyway.
For a bomb. 

We were lucky


Today, 72 years later, humanity is on the verge of developing technologies it may quickly lose control of, and there is nothing some of our 'leaders' wouldn't do for a profit. Believe it. They will test new bombs, new chemical and biological agents, and even viruses, without worrying about potential 'collateral damage'.

We never really know the agendas of our leaders. They have shown us, again and again. Can you see that? I mean, many see themselves as the 'boss' of their 'subjects', Us. De facto, the taxpaying populous is paying their salary, so, who's the boss again? If 80% of the voters don't want a wall, you can't just build it anyway.

In a world where only the fittest survive, only the most powerful are free to do as they please,
if you are not a millionaire a hundred times over, you are not it, you better be aware of that. 

In our 'free society', corporations are free to destroy the environment, treat their employees like slaves, lie in their advertising, keep the populous uninformed and ignorant to their misdoings and even direct governments what to do and what not and control legislature via lobbying, advertising and marketing in general.

Some governments feel free to spy on all our communication, digital or not, and arrest who they want without a warrant for days on. If you are a regular citizen, then the freedom isn't yours. You know these issues are real, just look around you, get informed.

How much more of this is it going to take?

More developed weapon systems don't make us a better people. Our drones won't help us, others have them too, and nukes, and chemicals, and biological agents, where will it all end?

In a world as technologically advanced as ours, global, rampant armament can only end one way: the annihilation of our species. There is no other outcome, no winner, no chance. No one disagrees with this assumption. Ever play tic tac toe?

When it comes to the military (complex), it has grown out of control, literally. The US spend 650 Billions on defense per annum, a large portion of their budget. Now, the US Commander In Chief, commander of the generally assumed 'most powerful armed forces on the planet, calls for a nuclear arms race. That is not only costly and unwise, it is incredibly dangerous, for all life on Earth.

The human race spends $1'700'000'000'000---/A globally, that is $1'700 billion, or 1'700'000 million dollars per year on attempting self annihilation. Surprisingly enough though, we call ourself an intelligent species. This fact alone shows how ignorant, arrogant and stupid we are (behaving).

I wonder, are we actually lacking the intelligence to do better, or are we just behaving that way, while ignoring obvious facts and certain consequences of our actions?


On colonising Space

There is now, what I call, the 'space industrial complex', whose proclaimed goal it is, to colonize Mars, and then reach further into space. Now, I am an outspoken fan of science fiction and science in general. Nonetheless, I try to implement rational thinking and logic in all of my every day and long term decision making. The idea of traveling to other worlds and exploring outer space, the chance to encounter most likely intelligent, non violent extraterrestrial life forms, fills me with euphoria, hope and a sense of adventure.

That being said, here is how I consider this issue, thinking rationally.

In order for a species to reach a level of technology, necessary for interstellar travel, said species first needs to understand the futility of violence and abolish it altogether, or it will self destruct before reaching said level, due to the misuse of acquired technologies, whose potential powers we don't yet understand and/or take too lightly.

In addition, Mars, in its present state, is unable to support organic life. Allow me to remind you, that includes human life. We would have to terraform the atmosphere first, which, according to Christopher P. McKay (a planetary scientist at NASA Ames Research Center, studying planetary atmospheres, astrobiology, and terraforming. McKay majored in physics at Florida Atlantic University, where he also studied mechanical engineering, graduating in 1975, and received his PhD in astrogeophysics from the University of Colorado in 1982) could require 100'000 years for the complete process, a few thousand years for simple plant life and first, very low levels of oxygen. Then we would colonise and bring flora and fauna from Earth. After thousands of years and trillions in spending, we may be able to breathe the air on Mars. 

I believe we should explore space, not yet, but when we are ready as a species, or we will bring all our social problems with us.

Earth is a beautiful place, you don't even know most of it, and you know what? It is perfectly fit to support human life and more. It can easily take 10 billion people if we get along and manage the place sustainably. Earth is the most perfect place for human life we may find in the Universe. I mean, apart from the damage we have caused, what would you change?

You know what else? it's right outside your door.

You know this is true.

Earth can be a paradise, with very little effort, (relatively).

All we have to do is



My goal is to inspire and educate people around the world, so they may see the bright future that lies ahead, if we can make a first step, and another...

Our 'Leaders', corporate and governments, allow us to fight verbally.
We make films about revolutionaries, idolising the heroes.
We have thousands of books about movements and activism and even revolutions.
Activist groups online are a dime a dozen.
Series like 'cable girls', make us dream of acting up ourself.
Activist groups on social media find more and more followers.
The reason why the elite is letting all this happen, is because we don't seem to have a real goal.
We rarely go beyond signing a petition, if that.
We are not a real danger to them because we can't really stand together.
We need to come together and begin talking, and changing the way we live our lives.
We (the common people), are the majority. We outnumber the part of the elite which misbehaves by more than 5000/1. We need to show everyone that we are ready for change by begining to make our own choices in everyday life, choices that we know are good for us, personally and as a species.
We all need to recognise that we must learn and change the way we behave and think. We need to learn what we have in common, and not dwell on issues and things to fight over like hyenas. We need to rationally educate each other, and accept our differences in believe and heritage.
I think, most importantly we need to learn and exercise tolerance and consideration.


You are not alone.

More and more individuals and groups around the globe are emerging and starting to inform people and organise. A new awareness has emerged and is growing everywhere.

Thousands have become active during the last two decades, even rich hedge fund managers called investor/shareholder activists, celebrities and Big Business people like Bill Maher, Bill Gates, Noam Chomsky and many more, whom I have listed here.

They all fight for a better world. Some fight for a specific cause, some for more democracy in their country and some fight broadband for a better quality of living, but they fight in their industry or for their region in the world, so far.

In the core, we all want the same, now we have to begin to act together.

We have to actually get together and drop our local, racial or social differences and petty quarrels that keep us from achieving major milestones.

Nationalist thinking and patriotism, all nations for themselves, keep the real, the global issues from getting solved.

Nationalism and patriotism have no beneficiaries except those who make a profit from international armed conflicts, which sprout on nationalism, those who prefer going about their 'business as usual'.

National pride is an illusion. One can only be proud over personal achievement.

Pride is a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements or the achievements of one's close associates. 

Where is the achievement in having been born at a specific location?

Why should I be proud to be Swiss? I am certainly glad I have a Swiss passport, but why should I be proud? I didn't actively have a hand in achieving it, it is pure coincidence.



Mainstream media preaches and indoctrinates our peoples patriotism instead of humanism. Why is it important where we come from, give me one reason, other than climate and socio economic conditions.

Whether you are a Norwegian fisherman, an Austrian dairy farmer, a US postman, a German engineer, a Swiss banker, a Chinese rice farmer, a native Australian shaman, or the mother of two children in Cape Town, it matters not. You all essentially want the same. You want to live in peace and you want for your loved ones to prosper and live a life in peace. We all want to live in conditions in which we can thrive and pursue our own idea of happiness.

As long as we have nations, and corporations fighting for resources we don't need, (coal, oil, diamonds etc.) and leaders who tell us that we need them, we will have riots, wars, freedom fighters, revolutions and terrorism. The hunger for the finite resources we are trying to satisfy with 'stolen' goods from third world nations, entails a feeding process that necessitates wars being fought over the territories in which we find said goods.

We don't need oil, we have other, renewable energy sources at our disposal that would be more than sufficient, ready for harvesting, if we could only stop squandering resources and energy in endless arms races and fighting for our leaders differences of opinion that often we don't even share.

Why can't we think of anything better to do than hating and killing each other for no real reason other than the above mentioned?

We have been told the others are evil and want to kill us.

Those who really kill us are the corporate leaders. They do it by allowing carcinogens in our food and food chain, by poisoning our water supply, by cheating us out of healthcare, by sending us to fight wars for their profits, by letting the economy collapse, by misinformation, via lobbyism and by destroying our habitats/ the environment.

They are the worst terrorists.

Meanwhile, the 'terrorism', which we presently have the media try and make us think is a big problem, is in fact and number, not really such a big problem, relatively speaking. Check any list for causes of death (ranking), there are many and they say mostly the same. Less people die from terrorism than from suffocation due to a pea stuck in their throat.


As it stands, we a very misbehaving species on a well deserved self destruct course.

In my viewing angle, we, the common people, are as much to blame as the ruling class we accuse of covertly, illegally and unethically controlling us. Every time we purchase a product, we have a choice. Mostly we make the wrong choice because it is convenient. then we blame our leaders for allowing bad products to be made and rotten services to be sold.

We have the choice, almost every time we are being consumers.
In a few millennia, we have managed to bring the ecosystem of our home planet to the edge of collapse. Do you call that intelligent?
This collapse will be but a hiccup to the planet.
We'll have been gone a few decades, when Earth will rejoice and sigh,
'Good riddance. Now where were we before this mishap?'.

Now, correct me if I am wrong. I found inumerous, mostly very informative and inspiring literature on the subject of my work.

Unfortunately, I also found most of them lacking the aspect of finding ways to work together as a species, globally.


Ask yourself:

What would you be willing to do, to help humanity reach the first major milestones en route to achieving world peace and a sustainable economy in your lifetime?

Would you accept, or even like it, if your neighbors were peaceful Caucasians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Africans Chinese, Pakistani, American Native Indians, Greeks etc.? If not, can you tell us why not?

Do you believe all of humanities cultures/races, living peacefully under a mutually agreed upon and binding international constitution (with local enforcement), locally governed and with local/national variations/amendments) based on the most advanced democracies/societies, and the ideas of the grandest intellectuals in the world, will be possible in time? If not, can you tell us why not?


Have you considered the alternative?

If you belong to the 99.99% or so, of the worlds population who are being ruled by the 0.01% or so, do you believe your live is as good as it can be and that the human species at peace and existing in a balanced, fair, healthy, sustainable society is impossible?

Have you considered the possibility that you see your situation as better than it really is?

Have you considered your sources of information, and have you applied all reason and rationale you could muster, while coming to your conclusion?

If you still oppose the Ideas presented here, would you actively oppose people or groups who actively, but with consideration for those (common people) who oppose them, try to achieve the greater goals as described within?

If no, welcome to humanity, a vision.

If we are to evolve as a species and 'build a new society', forged from all cultures and races on Earth, there would have to be 'rules', and I'm sorry, but you (or I) may not like them all. Eventually, those 'rules', this new 'constitution', would have to be established in a direct democratic way, authored by the greatest minds humanity can bring forth. The way I see it, such a new legislature would sound a bit harsh for some, but for the majority it would mean living conditions much more favourable for them, and for a human society to thrive in, sustainably.


The following are some ideas, to serve as inspiration only

  • Tolerance and consideration will be major concepts taught at all elementary schools.
  • Complete freedom of expression, as long as no other parties are threatened.
  • All citizens are equal before the law without privileges and/or exceptions.
  • Diplomatic immunity is abolished
  • Where corporations act illegally, the entire board of directors (and other persons if proven) will be held accountable and may be charged with criminal misconduct (severe penalties). I am not a lawyer, but you get my idea...
  • Strict gun legislation, restricting gun ownership to a minimum, no guns allowed in public...
  • Police personnel is elected locally, from local populous, mostly armed non lethal
  • Weapons and international armed conflicts are abolished, step by step. International violence must become a thing of the past.
    • This would free an estimated $1'700'000'000'000---/A globally
  • Energy is produced from sustainable sources only.
    • this eliminates most causes for international conflict, and supports efforts to clean the environment, and
    • Frees an estimated $???---/A globally in health care spendings due to cleaner environment and less violence/war.
  • Unfair exploitation of foreign nations (human and resources) needs to be abolished
  • Corporate power needs to be banned from politics and from social life.
  • Lobbying is abolished (or must be completely transparent and 100% pro life, pro citizen, pro welfare...


eventually/ideally: (future issues to talk about / change)

  • Corporate marketing (advertising) and lobbying is abolished (or must contain only completely proven, true and transparent information, non deceiving and 100% pro life, pro citizen, pro welfare...
  • More consumer reporting (public and transparent, one voice per comment, like trip advisor) The internet will open new possibilities to implement this, and this will reduce product cost and enhance product quality, furthermore, controlled, transparent lobbyism and marketing, will help eliminate corruption and free up further resources.
  • Slow down and pause all government (tax financed) space exploration projects beyond the moon (for a while) and using the freed up funds and technology for development purposes on Earth. (to reverse the negative effects of global warming and solve other environmental and social or economic issues. Terraforming technologies, for examples, may be useful in cleaning our atmosphere. Don't be fooled, whatever we do, only one out of a million of you will ever see Earth from space, but you, the taxpayer pays for the fun of some privileged adventurers.)
  • Religion may only be celebrated in private (or in public if tolerated by the majority)
  • No cold approaching/recruiting for religious purposes or coercing people into participating in a religion, unless asked
  • Religious hierarchies become recreational only, they are allowed no real powers, they have never been given any
  • No further public religious expenditures or taxes collected
    • Frees an estimated $???---/A globally (needs research and editing)
  • In accordance with the above listed issues, freedom of religion, as long as no one suffers harm or injustice as a result of religious activities
  • Freedom from religion, (religions, religious groups, and/or religious activities shall have no impact or effect on the non involved
  • A World Constitution, globally agreed upon and locally amended and enforced
  • Decentralised, World government system: direct democracy, with strong local executive and judicative structures (decentralised, national, regional) If globalisation progresses in some way, this becomes necessary to make it fair.
    • Interregional or Global Constitutional laws only where necessary (taxes, trade, product safety, labour..., labour safety, environment, health and education, internet)
  • A Global executive and penal system, ideally run by an A.I.
  • A Global tax system (only the system, not the collecting instance, ideally run by an A.I.)
  • Single class health systems (only the system, not the executive, ideally run by an A.I.)
  • Single class class education systems (only the system, not the teaching bodies, ideally run by an A.I.)


All this will result in:

0.01% of the world's population having to give up some of their inherited and/or 'ill-gotten' privileges and riches, which they will give up only very reluctantly. On the flipside, this will result in 99.99% of the world's population, (the rest of us), living in peace, and in high quality products for fair prices, the best possible health care at patient oriented prices, technological advances for the good of all life, positively evolving social structures, better education, a clean environment, cheap clean energy, affordable travel... a flourishing flora and fauna...


A living, thriving planet Earth.



All this may sound a bit idealistic, and definitely utopic, I'm aware of that.

Here is the challenge, I have mentioned it in the at the top.

Public opinion is becoming a new superpower. So how about unifying our opinions on what matters most, and to most, and letting that power grow. Let us put aside our differences of opinion on the issues that matter least, and forget, for a while, the little issues over which we quarrel the most?

Let us put our heads together and find a common ground for the issues that matter most?

If we can train our egos to make us do the best we can in our positions/jobs, without the prospect of becoming super rich, but for the benefit of all, if we can learn to be proud of our personal achievements without the need for financial incentives/motivation, if acknowledgement by our fellow humans, is enough for our ego's pride to excel in what we do and to put in the 'extra hour',

Then we can make sure our children will live on a planet and in a society that we want them to live on/in.


The Alternative, you don't want it.


We need to understand the different underlying socio-economic condition in every region/nation, understanding these conditions would be one of the first tasks en route.

The information, contained here, is the result of thorough research and fact checking, It is an ongoing process in collaboration with registered readers and fellow Citizens and human patriots of all nations.


This page is a work in progress. Your feedback, input and collaboration is appreciated. Please remain rational and fact based.

Get in touch with us here, or participate in a discussion here.