Issues that need addressing and solving

This list is a work in progress. Please contact us for feedback, constructive input and collaboration.

The issues addressed here, shall serve the better understanding of each other and allow for clearer, non judgemental, rational, factual and respectful communication and debate, with the goal of solving the issues that keep us separate or even fighting. All issues here need to be debated, ideally to the point of consensus. This requires openness and respect for our 'opponents'. We also need to find ways to argue our points with persons of a lower intellect and 'stubborn people' with underlying emotional blockades which prevent them from seeing and accepting facts and logical conclusions reached by others.


Status Quo

A look at how things are, globally speaking.

Are we affected by calamities on the other side of the planet?

How bad is it, really. 

Economics, technologies, politics, capitalism, energy production...

I have a great life, do I need to change too?


The Alternative

A look at what might happen in our lifetime, if we go about business as usual.

This is no SHTF site. We look at the facts and signs. How bad can it really get?


First Steps

A few things you can do every day, little changes in your daily routine that will not only help humanity clean up, but who will make you healthier and happier pretty much instantly.


Further Issues


Why Are We Afraid Of Change

We Are Many

On Democracy

Social Movements, A History Of Activism

Human Patriotism

Misinformation, Intellect



Climate Change (environmental issues)

Global Health and Nutrition

Energy Production

Sadism, Criminal And/Or Violent Behaviour

What If We Lose The Freedom Of The Internet?

War, Terrorism And Collateral Damage

Global Warfare And Armament

Central Banks And The Rothchilds

Do We Need To Fear Armies?

Corporations And The Ruling Class


This page in a work in progress. Your feedback, input and collaboration is appreciated. Please stay rational and fact based.

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