We choose the way we live our lives, not corporations or politicians.



It is a great planet we live on.

We are being told it's overpopulated, but that's just a lie, like so many lies we are being told. Do the math, we are producing enough calories to feed more than 14 billion people, it's just that a third goes to meat production, (cattle feed), another third goes to waste because it doesn't fit the marketing standard, or logistics screwed up and it was left at the end of the day.

Earth is perfectly fit to support human and other organic life, perfectly. Twice as many humans as today are no problem if we could only work together and manage our resources.

Instead, what have we done?

As it stands, we are a species with despicable behaviour, on a well deserved self destruct course. However, the majority wants to change the way we behave, and the course we are on. Some issues we can change within our familiar circles, others we need to address regionally, others again, we need to address and deal with on a global scale. Here, we want to do the latter, commencing with the former.

In my viewing angle, we, the common people, are as much to blame as the ruling class we accuse of covertly, illegally and unethically controlling us, and ruining our lives. We comfortably forget that, every time we purchase a product, we have a choice. Mostly we make the wrong choice because it is convenient. Then we blame our leaders for allowing bad products to be made and rotten services to be sold.

We have the choice, almost every time we are being consumers/citizens.
In a few millennia, we have managed to bring the ecosystem of our home planet to the edge of collapse. Our social structures are a net of conflicts, armed or unarmed.

Do you call that intelligent?

Our collapse will be but a hiccup to the planet.
We'll have been gone a few decades, when Earth will rejoice and sigh,
'Good riddance. Now, where were we before this mishap?'.


The purpose of this website, is to help unite people from around the world behind one foremost goal, TO GET ALONG, and thrive sustainably. Within, you will find issues we need to deal with, and solutions, but the process has only just begun, so let's get on with it. If you have concerns, not mentioned within, please let me know. I will respond as quickly as possible. Remember, nothing here is finite or complete. Your help and inspiration is needed.

Links on the 'issues' page that are still black (unlinked), represent issues not yet addressed. Please be patient.

One of my main sources for issues as well as inspiration, was and is this report:

'The Legatum Prosperity Index™ is a framework that assesses countries on the promotion of their citizens’ flourishing, reflecting both wealth and wellbeing across nine pillars of prosperity and 104 variables. It captures the richness of a truly prosperous life and with it seeks to re-define the way we measure national success, changing the conversation from what we are getting to who we are becoming. This makes it an authoritative measure of human progress, offering a unique insight into how prosperity is forming and changing across the world.'

Read it, it is alarming as it is promising.


The change begins with you, drink tea instead of Coca Cola, you get my meaning?

With the idea and purpose, to reach as many people as possible, I decided to commence with the publication of this website in English. German, French, Italian and Spanish will follow as soon as we receive voluntary offers to translate, thank you for your understanding and patience.

Having lived in Spain for 5 years brfore moving back to Vienna Austria, I have begun to translate some pages into Spanish with the help of google translate. Obviously, I need a lot of help with this. Please be patient, thank you.


This page in a work in progress. Your feedback, input and collaboration is appreciated. Please stay rational and fact based.

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Inform yourself.

Find out about our vision, our methods and solutions, and why there is no (acceptable) alternative.


Chose to change your consumer behaviour.

Become a human patriot. Help us with your constructive criticism. Contribute with your Ideas.