Things to come if we don't change


  • A poisoned environment, possibly unfit to support human live (or any organic life for that matter)
  • Resistance against antibiotics, already at 80% in 2017
  • Modern slavery increasing, (presently an estimated 30'000'000 people are enslaved value $90.-/slave avg.)
  • Products that make us sick and corporations rich
  • A pharma industry that keeps us ill constantly
  • A food industry that is unethical and unecological, makes us sick, gets us addicted and destroys the environment
  • Advertising/lobbying/marketing that keeps the consumer/citizen in the dark
  • A majority ruled by the top 0.01% (...or so. Don't get me with the percentage, it's not about math) and
  • An economy with only one/two beneficiary in mind: trade/profit
  • A human life becomes worthless (it nearly is already)
  • Unending global 'terrorism' / freedom fighters / revolutions
  • Never ending global warfare, potentially ending in the demise of humanity,
  • Or in a dystopia that would make Orwell's 1984 seem like a tail from 'Duckburg'.


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