'War On Terror' And 'Collateral Damage'

So, who Are the terrorists?

So, who Are the terrorists?


How to address the 'terrorism issue'

Let's discuss why terrorists are terrorists, and why peaceful fishermen in Somalia turned pirates.


Who's fault is it that we have Terrorism and armed conflict?
All industrialised nations have guilt. Our wealth is built on the exploitation of the third world's resources and enslaving its populations. You know this is true.
The world, has far more troubling problems than terrorism. Please have a look at this list:

This and many other studies have come to the same conclusion. Terrorism is your/our least problem, It's just that your leaders make you believe it is the worst, Hence the US spend a large portion of its budget on defense.
What is the motive for politicians to do that? Corruption. I will elaborate if asked.
Europe is under a far greater threat from muslim terrorism than the US, simply because of our geographic situation. We even have a border to Syria via Turkey. (Turkey and Syria are our Mexico)
Europe is coming to the conclusion, that rather than fighting Islam, we need to integrate. We don't build a wall to Turkey... that would help nothing. Increase security? at what cost? we would give up our own freedom, and achieve nothing.
Since the the beginning of the war on terror, islamic terrorism has increased manyfold.
Some very good reading here:


An analysis of terror attacks since 2002 suggests U.S. efforts to combat terrorism — i.e., the “war on terror” — have led to a dramatic increase in death and suffering from terrorism.

The Europeans think they don't have so much of a problem, but they are wrong.
With so many different cultures in Europe, a unification seems impossible.
Even more so, as today, May 1st 2017, the following can be read:

"By Alex Lantier wsws.org: On Saturday, European Union (EU) heads of state met in Rome, celebrating 60 years of the 1957 Treaty of Rome that founded the European Economic Community, in an exercise designed to highlight the continuing unity of continental Europe despite Britain’s vote to leave the EU last June.

In the event, the summit highlighted instead the growing international conflicts and class tensions that are tearing the EU apart. The 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome could very well be its last. Amid growing concerns that France could elect a neo-fascist president in May and then leave both the EU and the euro currency, leading European officials of all political stripes pointed to the rising danger of war and collapse of Europe. Nonetheless, none of the EU leaders can formulate a clear plan to avoid plunging into the abyss.

Thousands of Italian troops put central Rome on lock-down over the weekend amid official fears of mass protests against the EU, whose austerity policies have devastated Italy. Moreover, differences between EU, Polish, and Greek officials forced EU officials to water down the final communiqué, to avoid the humiliation of having it repudiated by EU member states."
(source: http://truepublica.org.uk/eu/growing-divisions-war-threats-loom-over-eu-summit-in-rome/)

The EU seems to be dismantling, one more proof that it is high noon to unite and change the way we are as a species.
One group or one nation or one race or one continent alone trying to change never worked, why assume that it will in the future.

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